Monday, February 1, 2016

Student IDs provide access to libraries

Cynthia M. Parkhill's Bitstrips comics avatar sits in front of a desktop computer at a classroom desk. Through a window behind her, three boys are shown running and tossing a football. The caption reads, 'American Libraries, Jan. 4, 2016: Student IDs provide access to public library collections and databases.'
Cartoon image created with Bitstrips
In many public schools, each student has been issued a numerical ID. For American Libraries Magazine​, Timothy Inklebarger highlights the practice of linking students’ identification numbers to their local public library system. The students’ numerical IDs act as “library cards” and allow the students access to books and online databases of downloadable content. Imagine it, an entire library system’s resources available for students’ use, and without the barrier of the child first having to apply for a public library card. I’m excited about students becoming lifetime users of libraries through such simplified and streamlined access.

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