Saturday, September 26, 2015

Appliqued bicycle jerseys

A black cat, Miss Starfire, reclines behind a bicycle helmet, patterned in swirls of green, yellow and brown, that has been positioned atop two folded sports jerseys. The left jersey, a mint-green v-neck, is decorated with a green peace symbol aplique sewn onto a peace of worn blue floral brocade fabric. The orange scoop-necked jersey on the right is decorated with a piece of mustard-yellow on mustard-yellow embroidery inside a 'picture frame' of patterned fabric, light-brown leaves against a darker shade of brown.

Applique designs give exciting new appeal to second-hand bicycle jerseys. On the mint-green V-neck, the peace medallion was made of T-shirt knit fabric layered onto brocade.

The medallion originally adorned another garment that was ultimately retired. Since then, I saved it for the “right” occasion, another garment worthy of it.

The orange scoop-neck sports a bit of embroidery salvaged from a worn-out blouse. The “picture-frame” uses patterned-knit fabric from Dervish Clothing’s free fabric-scraps box at its Lithia Artisans Market booth.

For my photograph’s final touch: our beautiful cat Miss Starfire decided that an arrangement of bike helmet and appliqued jerseys was the perfect place to settle for a nap.

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