Monday, June 15, 2015

‘Someone with Autism Loves Me!’

Heart keychain divided into four interlocking quadrants on the diagonal that in clockwise order from top, are colored yellow, light blue, dark blue or purple and red. A caption printed on the keychain reads, 'Someone with Autism Loves Me!' The keychain is balanced on a door handle, braced against the frame of the door.

My husband found a heart-shaped keychain with the caption, “Someone with Autism Loves Me!,” propped on our front-door handle, braced against the frame. He thought I might’ve left it for him, but I’m as mystified as he is concerning the keychain’s origin. For whatever reason it was left at our place, my husband is snagging the keychain because someone with autism loves him. But he hung it on our wall and so both of us can enjoy it.

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