Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yarn-bombed bicycle

Bright teal-blue, diamond framed bicycle, with yarn bombing tags around the top tube, head tube and down tube of the frame. Knit swatches assembled into a seat-cover are tied over the bicycle seat.

On Facebook, I accepted an artist’s invitation to post photos of my own art (in a sort of art-sharing chain called the “Facebook Art Challenge”). Today I shared an image about “yarn bombing.”

As readers might surmise from my hosting a page called Yarn Bombing at Your Library, I devote nearly all of my own “tagging” activity to installations at libraries. The exception to my singularity of purpose is the ‪yarn-storming‬ of my bicycle. The “top tube,” “head tube” and “down tube” of its frame provide ideal structures for knit and crocheted tags, but the bike retains full usability.

When I ride around town, I love seeing people’s smiles when they encounter my yarn-bombed bicycle. I love the idea of bringing joy and serendipity for just a moment into someone’s life.

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