Saturday, February 14, 2015

Library yarn-bombing, aided by fire-engine lift

Two people inside a fire engine bucket lift, next to tree trunk around which is fastened colorful knit fabrics.
The profile picture at Yarn Bombing @ Your Library features a yarn-storming installation by Common Threads of Richmond Hill.

I had the luxury of knowing about this project ahead of time, thanks to a Google Alert that is tied to the words “Library” and “yarn bomb.” On Jan. 29, Google Alerts sent me a link to an opinion piece written by Maike George, in which she outlined the group’s plans to yarn-bomb a large pine tree in front of the Richmond Hill Public Library.

I contacted the administrator of the group’s page on Facebook and invited the group to post photos to my page or send them to me by email.

Earlier this week, George sent me a link to Common Threads’ album on Facebook, in which the Richmond Hill Fire Department lends height to the yarn-bombing of what turned out to be a super-tall pine tree. I really appreciate it when crafters share images and links to Yarn Bombing @ Your Library. It really helps me in my mission with this page, to raise the profile of libraries.

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