Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crocheted cat ears hat with fabric liner and ties

Beanie-style crocheted cap with cat ears, draped over openwork, globe-shaped metal stand.

I spent “Caturday” adding a fabric liner and ties to my fabulous cat ears hat, originally crocheted from Kelley Freeman’s pattern on

And as there often is with my favorite projects, there’s a story attached.

At the booth of Jasmine Patten at the Lithia Artisans Market in Ashland, Oregon, wristers and dress-length cardigans are assembled from sweater and T-shirt remnants.

And Patten puts out a box of fabric scraps: leftovers from her Dervish Clothing line. I love going through Patten’s box of leftovers for the variety in colors and patterns.

It was with fabric from Dervish Clothing that I lined my cat ears hat. I chose a ribbed knit in pale- and dark-green stripes that used to be part of a shirt.

Original photos depict me with our beautiful cat Starfire, who has shared our home since July 2011. I really look like Starfire’s kitty-mommy when I wear this hat.

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Cynthia M. Parkhill holds her beautiful black cat Starfire close to her face, while wearing her cat ears hat.

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