Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#LibChat library Q-and-A’s curated with Storify

During #LibChat (a weekly Twitter-based chat among library professionals), I used the Storify social-curation platform to group users’ question-and-answer posts. The finished “stories” can be found on the splash page for my Storify account.

Topics addressed last night include advice for first-timers at the American Library Association’s annual Midwinter Meeting (taking place from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3 this year). Other topics included whether or not libraries should be open during an emergency, arts in the library and the state of library funding.

I’ve had a Storify account since late 2011 or so. My employer at the time, a daily newspaper publisher, was under management that placed an emphasis upon “digital-first” transmission of news.

In response to these mandates, I began to experiment with online tools for journalism: use of Twitter during the course of my job and curating social narratives with Storify.

Since leaving that position to pursue my career as a library professional, I continued to use the tools and techniques of online, social journalism. And with a broad array of subjects addressed each week by participating library professionals, I find #LibChat is archived to best-advantage when I group posts with Storify.

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