Saturday, January 17, 2015

‘Expectations Stations’ in Bellview library

Business-card sized piece of paper reading "Bellview Elementary School. Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible," displaying line-drawn image of the school's Bobcat mascot. "Miss Cynthia" is hand-written above a space to write in a name, and the entire ticket is enclosed inside a clear plastic ID holder.
My ‘Bobcat Ticket’ badge from last year.
‘Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.’
One of the professional highlights to my week was giving “Expectations Stations” reviews in the Bellview Elementary School library.

My co-presenters were Educational Assistant Doug Werner and child development specialist Diane Berry. The three of us emphasized that Bellview library is a place where “We are Safe, we are Respectful, we are Responsible.”

Specifically, the presentation included library “do’s” and “don’ts,” book care and alternatives to the “don’ts.”

I thought it went well and during brief moments when I thought I got off-track, I could trace back and identify where I might’ve done differently. Similarly, when something seemed to go well, I made an effort to do that again.

My co-presenters deserve much of the credit for the presentation’s success. But giving additional credit where it’s due, I owed my ease for the presentation to public-speaking practice I obtained through Toastmasters International.

During three-or-four years that I was involved with a Toastmasters club, I completed the beginning manual to earn the status of “Competent Communicator.”

By completing two additional manuals, I earned “Advanced Communicator Bronze.” I also earned “Competent” and bronze-level status on Toastmaster’s leadership track.

I haven’t been active during recent years while I focused on library school. But with that goal behind me, Toastmasters is an area where I’d like to become re-involved. As this week’s professional activity demonstrated, there are sure to be ongoing opportunities and needs for public-speaking engagements.

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