Thursday, December 18, 2014

‘If I Ran the Dog Show’ in Jackson County school libraries

Ashland elementary librarian Lauren Hall reads ‘If I Ran the Dog Show’
to a group of first-grade students at Bellview Elementary School.
The Southern Oregon Kennel Club has donated a copy of “If I Ran the Dog Show” by Tish Rabe, featuring the Cat in the Hat, to every public elementary school and charter school library in Jackson County.

Ruby is a therapy dog with the
Bellview Reading Dog Program.
“When the recession hit Oregon school budgets, Ashland school libraries cut book budgets and staff,” Ashland elementary librarian Lauren Hall said. “It is such a pleasure to receive gifts of new books for our children.”

Hall added, “Dog books are in high demand and are read over and over by young readers.”

According to kennel club representative Juanita Fagan, the kennel club wanted to educate young children about the world of purebred dogs. This wish was instrumental in making “If I Ran the Dog Show” easily accessible to Jackson County children.

According to Fagan, ideas in the book were put to good use during the kennel club’s annual dog show, which took place in early November.

“Just like in the book, dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors ran around the ring, sat on command and gave the observer an opportunity to see what really happens at the dog show,” Fagan said.

Fagan and her dog Ruby are involved with the reading dog program at Bellview Elementary School.

“Whether it’s a child reading to her or his reading dog at Bellview Elementary, or the school librarian reading to a group of first-grade students, the book ‘If I Ran the Dog Show’ will entertain and educate children (and adults) about the wonderful world of dogs,” Fagan said.

“If I Ran the Dog Show” is part of “The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library,” a series of rhyming non-fiction books produced by Random House Children’s Books. Written for children ages 5 to 8, each book features characters from Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat” and includes an index, glossary and suggestions for further reading.

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