Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hattitude: Earflap cap with brim from sweater

Earflap cap with brim, constructed from repurposed sweaters. Outer layer is of boiled wool, patterned in shades of olive and brown, with the brim a solid olive ribbing. Inner layer is of light green ribbed material. With the hat is a pair of arm-warmers, cut from sleeves of the sweater that forms hat's outer layer. In background: a canvas tote holds thread and pieces of hats for sewing.

Teen Crafternoon on Monday with the Ashland library Teen Department presented a perfect opportunity to make a cap with earflaps from two repurposed sweaters.

The sweater-hat originated during league bowling one night with the Lake County Record-Bee “Killer Bees.” While waiting my turn to bowl, I traced the outline of my cap and used it to draft a pattern.

When the time came Monday to give the pattern its trial run, I also cut out a brim. No pattern for the brim, just freehand cutting to a size that would center it between the earflaps.

I got as far as I could during Teen Crafternoon, sewing seams by hand, and finished the project at home. I told a couple of librarians who wanted to see my hat, that the next time I came to the library the hat would be complete.

The matching arm-warmers were simple enough: I cut sleeves from the same sweater and reinforced the top raw edges with machine zig-zag stitch.

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