Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yarn Bombing: ‘Support Libraries’ at library in Israel

Crocheted yarnbombing tag, "Support Libraries" in Hebrew, attached around a branch secured horizontally to forking branches in a tree. The tree is next to the wall of a building and a slatted wooden sign with Hebrew letters is propped against the wall.

“Support Libraries.” My first international yarn-bombing tag was installed by an emissary at a community library in Israel. The image has also been added to the timeline at Yarn Bombing at Your Library.

(Through installing my own knit and crocheted “tags” and curating pictures of other crafters’ work, I draw attention to libraries. All of the tags showcased at Yarn Bombing at Your Library were either installed at libraries, or libraries played an integral role in the tags being created).

My friend Anat Kolumbus provided the English-to-Hebrew translation and assistance with the letterforms, which I incorporated in freehand crochet. I allowed myself the luxury of a seven-stitch letter height instead of the usual five.

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