Sunday, October 5, 2014

Self-striping socks with reinforced soles

Side view of two feet wearing socks hand-knit out of self-striping green and blue yarn. A reinforcing sole, cut from T-shirt fabric, is visible on one of the socks.
These beautiful creations, out of self-striping blue and green yarn, were knit with needles that were better suited to a thicker weight of yarn.

I couldn’t bear not wearing these somewhat loose-knit socks after the care I put into them, so I cut foot shapes out of jersey-knit fabric that was salvaged from a repurposed T-shirt.

I hand-stitched the foot-shapes to the bottom of the socks, effectively giving them soles.

Knitting directions, for seven-stitches-per-inch socks, came from Ann Budd’s Getting Started Knitting Socks. The needle choice was entirely my own, motivated by my making use of what I had at hand.

A knit-three, purl-one ribbing extends down the length of each sock. The socks were tailored to my left and right feet through the placement of toe-shaping decreases. instead of decreasing evenly on each side, I let my decreases follow the natural shape of each foot.

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