Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hattitude: Medieval-style knit-swatch hood

Knit swatches in varying colors, assembled into a hood that is draped over a round candle-holder on base. The hood's lower corners have braided ties that are made out of a variety of yarns. Coins and bells are fastened to the ends of streamers that hang from the hood's upper point.

This Medieval-style hood is assembled from knit swatches from The Web-sters in Ashland, Oregon. Originally used in a banner for the store’s entry in this year’s Independence Day parade, I salvaged nearly all of the swatches plus the streamers that hung from my banner.

A rectangle of six squares — two up and three across — was folded in half and stitched across the top with the streamers anchored in a point. I then threaded yarn up and over the top of the opening to give the hood contour across the wearer’s forehead. Additional yarn was threaded through the lower corners of the hood’s opening; all were braided for under-the-chin ties.

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