Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ergonomics and access in library

During the Aug. 20 #LibChat, moderator Natalie Binder asked what important ergonomic tips librarians most overlook. I responded that check-out activities are done from standing-height at my public library. Staff and patrons are required to stand during check-out transactions.

The expectation of standing places a job applicant at a disadvantage if she finds sustained standing to be difficult. I asked that libraries be open to sit-lean stools so library staff who find it difficult to stand can still work at standing height.

I further asked that libraries find a way for patrons who can’t wait standing, to still have a way for their turn in line to come up. For that matter, library staff could work either sitting or standing at a counter placed at seated-height, and it would accommodate patrons for whom standing-height transactions are simply not an option.

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