Monday, August 18, 2014

Children’s literature: My reasons for taking course

My black cat Starfire curls in a ball, her head gazing toward photographer, on a shelf padded with towel and small afghan. Books are shelved on the lower shelf that Starfire's shelf is attached to. Their spines display various titles related to library work.
For my classmates’ enjoyment: Starfire on her special ‘cat shelf’
In an online forum, my Early Childhood Education class asks for an introduction, including my reasons for taking the class and any experience working with children.

I am taking ECE 234 to earn a certificate of specialization in library service to children. This past spring, I earned my Associate’s degree in Library and Information Technology through Cuesta College’s distance program.

I was hired one year ago to work part-time in an elementary school library. Before that, I shelved children’s books in a public library.

I do not have children, but enjoy working with children in the library, especially when I can connect a child with the book or author that brings that child back to read more. I look forward to learning how to be more proficient at selecting good children’s books, and of helping children gain mastery and enjoyment of reading.

My personal reading preferences include children’s and young adults’ science fiction and fantasy. I enjoy reading graphic novels.

I appreciate this class addressing the issue of cultural sensitivity.

Diversity in literature is of personal interest to me as an autistic adult. I find the majority of books addressing autism are written “about,” not “for” us, and that frequently autism is addressed as if it occurred exclusively in children.

I curate a list of books that speak directly to the experience of people on the autism spectrum, and would love to replicate this list in a physical library collection. Many of the fiction entries are middle-school and YA novels.

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