Sunday, August 17, 2014

Black Cat Appreciation Day for Starfire

Head, paws and upper torso of my black cat Starfire, lying on her side, her paws tangled in dangling strands of ribbon.

Aug. 17 marks the annual arrival of Black Cat Appreciation Day. And truly, my sweet Starfire is deserving of celebration on this and every day.

Since her arrival in our home in July 2011, Starfire has been a daily source of vibrancy, joy and love. While she arrived half-starved and badly in need of care, we needed her just as much.

Starfire loves to immerse herself in all of my crafting projects: pummeling my yarn or batting at the template for an applique.

A year ago, I made Starfire her very own ribbon toy, four dangling strands in varying lengths from a macrame handle. She loves to tangle herself within its strands and she plays an agressive tug-of-war.

Every night, Starfire sleeps close to me, a comforting presence on the bed.

If you already share your heart and home with a black cat, then you already know how wonderful, how essential, how enriching, a precious black cat can be.

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