Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Teen crafting: Mobile device carrying pouch

Purple felt pouch with a deep-burgundy flap folded over the top and secured with a white button. The pouch is stitched at bottom and sides with a blanket stitching, which also outlines the edge of the flap and forms a loop for the button closure. The pouch is decorated with two diagonal stripes, in shades of pale and hot pink in the lower left corner of the pouch and with a hot pink stripe across the flap.

Looking ahead with fall “Teen Crafternoon” ideas for the Ashland Branch Library teen department and Jackson County Library Services: How about a carrying pouch for a hand-held device?

My friend Anat Kolumbus’s mother made this out of felt, blanket stitched the seams and flap edging and included a button enclosure. Just the thing for protecting your hand-held from acquiring bumps and scratches.

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