Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Netflix and libraries: Crucial differences

“The library is not a Netflix for books.” For, Kelly Jensen explains crucial differences between Netflix and libraries: the former being a for-profit company that bases its service upon the level of access paid for, while the latter provide equitable access and services to any and all of its patrons.

“The library is the center and the heart of community.

“Through shared resources, through providing a safe space, and through seeking out opportunities to reach into those places which have otherwise been overlooked or forgotten about, libraries do a hell of a lot more than provide books. ...

“The biggest issue with equating the library with a Netflix for books is that it sends a false message that libraries are worth little more than $8 or $12 or $20 a month. That the services offered in libraries are little more than options to which people can subscribe, rather than actual services anyone can utilize at any time.”

Also published on and Library 2.0

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