Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Personal development: Recommended books

The Personal Growth and Business Development Book Club that Jonathan and I are involved in, will meet in early July to decide what book the group ought to read next. With one exception, all of the selections on my recommendation list are available through our Jackson County libraries. I’ve listed them in the order they are shelved according to the Dewey classification system and have also noted their availability through Overdrive/Library2Go.

  • Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain (155.232 CAI): A former Wall Street attorney, business coach and creator of demonstrates how introverted people are misunderstood and undervalued in today’s culture, charting the rise of extrovert ideology while sharing anecdotal examples to counsel readers on how to use introvert talents to adapt to various situations and empower introverted children. — Baker & Taylor

    (In addition to being available through our libraries, this book can be read digitally and listened to through Library2Go)

  • The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg (158.1 DUH): Identifies the neurological processes behind behaviors, explains how self-control and success are largely driven by habits, and shares scientifically-based guidelines for achieving personal goals and overall well-being by adjusting specific habits. — Baker & Taylor

    (There are multiple copies of this book in our library system; three shelved at the Ashland library alone. It can also be read digitally through Library2Go)

  • Skillful Means: Patterns for Success by Tarthang Tulku (158.1 TARTHANG): A dynamic three-step approach combining theory and exercises leads to inner freedom, effective communication, and joyful sharing. Dharma Publishing's best-selling book. — Catalog summary

    (This is the only book not available through our local libraries)

  • Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (158.2 GOL): In Social Intelligence, Daniel Goleman explores an emerging new science with startling implications for our interpersonal world. Its most fundamental discovery: we are designed for sociability, constantly engaged in a “neural ballet” that connects us brain to brain with those around us. — Publisher’s description

    (This book can be listened to through Library2Go)

  • Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong (177.7 ARM): Taking as her starting point the teachings of the great world religions, Karen Armstrong demonstrates in twelve practical steps how we can bring compassion to the forefront of our lives. Armstrong argues that compassion is inseparable from humanity, and by transcending the limitations of selfishness on a daily basis we will not only make a difference in the world but also lead happier, more fulfilled, lives. — Baker & Taylor

    (Available in physical copy and as sound recording from our local libraries. It can also be read digitally through Library2Go)

  • Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile by Taras Grescoe (388.4 GRE): Citing cultural biases against mass transportation, the award-winning author of The Devil’s Picnic evaluates his status as a lifelong public transportation passenger while making predictions about an imminent transportation revolution that he believes will coincide with a significant reduction in car ownership. — Baker & Taylor

  • Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (658.409 GOL): In Working with Emotional Intelligence, Goleman reveals the skills that distinguish star performers in every field, from entry-level jobs to top executive positions. He shows that the single most important factor is not IQ, advanced degrees, or technical expertise, but the quality Goleman calls emotional intelligence. Self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control; commitment and integrity; the ability to communicate and influence, to initiate and accept change — these competencies are at a premium in today’s job market. — Publisher’s description

  • Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg (658.4092 SAN): The Facebook chief operating officer and Fortune top-ranked businesswoman shares provocative, anecdotal advice for women that urges them to take risks and seek new challenges in order to find work that they can love and engage in passionately. — Baker & Taylor

    (This item is available both as a physical book and as a sound recording. It can also be read digitally and listened to through Library2Go)

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