Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jackson County, Oregon: Election Day is today

Infographic displaying four images, with caption, "Happy Election Day!" across the middle of the graphic. In upper left, a woman holds a book. In upper right, a woman leads a storytime for a group of young children. In lower left, two girls sit in a window seat reading books. In lower right, a Jackson County, Oregon official ballot drop site.
Image credit: Libraries for All - Jackson County
Thought I’d pass along this election-day reminder from Libraries for All - Jackson County. And while we’re on the subject, be sure to take your ballot to an official drop-site.

There are some people waving signs on Siskiyou Boulevard across from Southern Oregon University, claiming to be a ballot-drop site. The disclaimer that they are NOT an official site is in very tiny letters on their hand-made signs.

I don’t know these people and perhaps their motives are pure, but I wouldn’t trust my ballot to a well-meaning stranger, not when the fate of our Jackson County public libraries depends upon the outcome of this election.

An official site is only one mile away, behind the Ashland Public Library. Please make that tiny bit of extra effort and take your ballot to an official site.

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