Sunday, March 2, 2014

‘The Sherlockian’ by Graham Moore

Book cover: "The Sherlockian" by Graham Moore. In the image on the cover, fictional detective Sherlock Holmes' pipe and a spot of blood form a question mark.
The Sherlockian by Graham Moore (Twelve, 2010) is a fast-paced mystery with parallel storylines that unfold in alternating chapters.

In present day, Harold has just been inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars, the preeminent society devoted to the study of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Harold attempts to locate a missing diary by Holmes’ creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The second storyline begins with Doyle’s decision to kill off his creation.

The death of Holmes at Reichenbach Falls is met with immediate public outcry, to Doyle’s considerable disgust.

Doyle’s storyline is chiefly concerned with three months that would have been documented by his missing diary. During that period, Doyle and his friend Bram Stoker (the creator of Dracula) attempt to solve the killings of young women. The deaths are linked by wedding dresses and by the image of a three-headed crow.

The Sherlockian can be requested in physical form through the Jackson County libraries and can also be enjoyed as an audio file through Overdrive/Library2Go.

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