Saturday, November 30, 2013

Interview subject’s body language is most fascinating part of news broadcast

A sign proclaiming liberation from “Comsumerism, Capitalism and Class Disparity” is the focal point of coverage by KDRV Newswatch 12 of the Ashland Festival of Light.

The annual celebration, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, proclaims the official lighting of Ashland, Oregon’s downtown for the winter holiday season.

The sign became visible when a spotlight lit upon Santa Claus making his traditional appearance on the upstairs balcony of a downtown Ashland restaurant. The sign hung from the building’s roof just above the restaurant balcony.

What most grabbed this viewer’s attention when listening to the news broadcast was the body language exhibited by the restaurant owner.

With emphatic shakes of his head and a raised, jutting chin, the man tells interviewer Justin Bourke, “It was nothing we have anything to do with or support.”

What emotions do these emphatic gestures evoke? What do they suggest about how the interview subject feels about the people who displayed the sign?

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