Monday, July 8, 2013

‘Unbored’ for summer reading and doing

Book cover: "Unbored: The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun"
Perfect for summer reading and doing, Unbored is as its subtitle suggests, “The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun.”

Compiled by Joshua Glenn and Eizabeth Foy Larson with a variety of contributors, Unbored offers guidance and inspiration for activities that encourage young readers to experiment, explore and become engaged members of society.

Among her favorites, this reader appreciates the book’s encouragement to take a stand against bullying and to travel by bicycle and public transportation.

Having been inspired by an image of a yarn-bombed bus, this reader was delighted to read an interview with its creator, Magda Sayeg.

Unbored features many other do-it-yourself crafts. (“Illusion knitting,” anyone?)

The book empowers responsible use of online communication, with sections on blogging and using (or being used by) social media. At the same time, it fosters healthy activity in the offline world.

Local readers can participate in teens’ summer reading and other activities at Jackson County Library Services. Among this reader’s picks: T-shirt repurposing today at the Ashland Branch Library.

Disclosure of material connection: My taxes support my public library’s acquisition of this and other resources. I consider the access I enjoy to be a “priceless” return on my investment.

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