Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: ‘Cat Girl’s Day Off’ by Kimberly Pauley

Book cover: "Cat Girl's Day Off" by Kimberly Pauley
Cat Girl’s Day Off by Kimberly Pauley (Tu Books) is a thoroughly enjoyable book with memorable feline and human characters.

The story is set in an alternate-world Chicago, where some people have extrasensory abilities. The protagonist, Nat, is able to talk to cats — an ability she is convinced is on the level of “party tricks” compared to the remarkable talents of everyone else in her family.

Nat and her friends are propelled into a mystery with the arrival of a celebrity blogger, Easton West, to cover the filming of a movie called Freddy’s Day Off.

Viewing footage of West on the Internet, Nat is the only one who understands West’s cat’s cries for help: “This isn’t Easton West. This is not my person!”

Aided by neighborhood cats, it’s up to Nat to save the day.

Cat Girl’s Day Off is an entertaining read. I especially enjoyed the exchanges between Nat and the various cats: Meep, Tiddlywinks (or Rufus) and Pebbles (or Purr Daddy). The cats know far more about their humans than their humans are aware, and through Nat, we readers are in on the jokes that cats make at their humans’ expense.

We also get to share and be inspired by the love between a cat and his person. More than once, I set the book aside to cuddle my own sweet cat.

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