Monday, May 20, 2013

Librarian cosplay: Civilian hire in Starfleet sciences

Tunic with Star Trek original-series sciences emblem attached to it
Civilian hire in Starfleet sciences -- Library sciences, that is
I used T-shirt fabric to create a pin-on back for my Star Trek: The Original Series sciences emblem. Attached here to a tunic, the wearer becomes a civilian hire in the sciences -- library sciences that is.

My cosplay persona is a Starfleet librarian -- but not aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Rather, I envisioned the Constitution-class N.C.C. 1707, the U.S.S. Armstrong.

Created in response to a 2011 promotion by “Being a Geek” on Facebook, the U.S.S. Armstrong is named for Karen Armstrong, progenitor in the early 21st Century of the Charter for Compassion.

I envisioned a future that viewed the Charter for Compassion as a pivotal moment in history when Humanity put an end to poverty and war and took compassion to the stars and beyond.

Constitution class starship: N.C.C. 1701, the U.S.S. Armstrong
Constitution class starship: N.C.C. 1707, the U.S.S. Armstrong
Original schematics from “Star Trek Scrapbook” on Facebook
with modifications in Adobe CS2 Photoshop and InDesign

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