Monday, May 27, 2013

Hack Library School: ‘Start reading job ads now’

At Hack Library School, author Nicole Helregel recommends that library and information science students start reading job ads now:
“[L]ooking at job ads is a great way to discover a lot of things about yourself, your library school, your career goals, the job market, and the field that you have entered.”
It’s good advice, particularly given economic reality.

How many students can afford to carry full-time course loads? Surely more and more students have to combine work and school because life’s expenses have to be met.

But in addition to an increased likelihood that students need work right now: Reading job ads, according to Helregel, can help develop long-term goals, shape a degree, gain valuable experience and envision your dream job.

At Public Libraries Online, Victoria Collie recommends I Need A Library Job, created by Naomi House, ALA Joblist, LibGig, Library Journal’s JobZone and Indeed.

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