Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lorimer associate publisher shares ‘Best Books to Beat Bullying’

Book cover: "Bullying: Deal with it before push comes to shove"
In an email, Carrie Gleason, associate publisher of Lorimer Children & Teens, recapped titles from a recent webinar about Addressing Bullying Through Books.

I share her recommendations to advance library collection development that addresses bullying.

For children (ages 9-12), Gleason recommends Deal With It, “graphic-novel-style” non-fiction books with advice and activities to cope with bullying and other issues. A Bullying & Conflict Resource Guide can be downloaded for free, according to Gleason.

Here's what C.J. Bott for Voice of Youth Advocates has to say about Bullying:
“[Elaine] Slavens presents everything needed to start great discussions about bullying in class, in counseling groups, with individuals, and with youth at home... [We] applaud not only the accessible, basic information and reader-friendly text, but also the illustrations and overall presentation that make this brief book a valuable tool for everyone. All adults should read it and thank the author for this excellent resource.”
For young adults, Gleason recommended SideStreets, describing them as “edgy and contemporary fiction novels based on real teen issues.” Titles listed by Gleason in the SideStreets series include Gone Bad, Girl Fight, Homo, Scab and New Blood.

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