Friday, March 1, 2013

Twitter archives now available

At the Buttry Diary, Steve Buttry recommends, “For the fun (or embarrassment) of reviewing your first tweet and other early tweets or to find tweets from your early coverage of a story that’s back in the news, you should acquire and check out your Twitter archive.” Buttry is digital transformation editor for Digital First Media.

My first tweet (shown above) concerns a radio segment I did on KPFZ 88.1 FM from 2009 to 2011. Each week I highlighted entertainment happenings in Lake County, Calif. The segment dovetailed nicely with the A&E section I produced for the Lake County Record-Bee.

This led in turn to radio discussions of autism spectrum disorders. During one notable stint, I shared guest billing with Dr. Temple Grandin:

It was informative to review what I considered worth tweeting early in my Twitter career: regular links to my weekly column in the Record-Bee, status updates about goals and milestones. These posts are, essentially microblogs about highlights of my life.

During 2012, when I made use of Digital First Media initiatives for MediaNews Group-owned newspapers, I increased the frequency of posts. I also engaged with other Twitter users rather than simply posting links or issuing status updates. With my full-time emphasis now upon school and moving to Ashland, Oregon, it remains to be seen what trend will emerge in my posting of Tweets.

So how do you get your Twitter archive? From the gear-shaped menu in your Twitter taskbar, select the Settings option. Look for a button marked “Request your archive.”

Once it is ready, Twitter will email you a link to download your archive as a Zip file. I like the HTML browsing option that lets you scroll by year-and-month through your personal archive. Direct links will take you to each Tweet in your Twitter timeline and from there you can grab embed codes if you would like to display them in your blog.

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