Saturday, February 9, 2013

As long as it’s open, I’ll shelve in Middletown library

Middletown Senior Center and Public Library
Still waiting for move-in date for Middletown Public Library
For as long as it remains open to the public (and for as long as Jonathan and I remain in the area) I will show up each week to shelve books at the Middletown Gibson Library.

The senior center portion of the new Lake County building has been open since November. But last I checked with library director Gehlen Palmer, there was no determined opening date for the new Middletown Public Library. And the last time Jonathan and I walked around the building, there was still much interior work to be done: shelves to be installed before they could be stocked with books and other items in the library collection.

It’s understandable that a complex project might take longer than expected. Each day that I shelve items in a collection that has outgrown its space, I look forward to the library opening.

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