Monday, January 21, 2013

‘Support Libraries’ in two languages

"Support Libraries" crocheted tag on pole in front of Upper Lake, Calif. library
‘Support Libraries’ in English

Yarn Bombing at Your Library, my library-advocacy project, is off to a good start in 2013. This weekend, I applied my first tag of the new year: “Support Libraries” at the Harriet Lee Hammond Library in Upper Lake, Calif.

I also crocheted a yarnstorming tag for an emissary in Israel. Anat Kolumbus provided the English-to-Hebrew translation and assistance with the letterforms, which I incorporated in a freehand crocheted message tag. I allowed myself the luxury of a seven-stitch letter height instead of the five that I usually use when crocheting letterforms. In keeping with the air of mystery that yarn-stormers often cultivate, I donned my loom-knit balaclava for this work-in-progress photograph.

Cynthia Parkhill crochets yarnstorming tag: "Support Libraries" in Hebrew
‘Support Libraries’ in Hebrew

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  1. Yarn Bombing at Your International Library! Maybe in a couple of years we'll be able to go see the library that's going to house your tag.


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