Saturday, December 8, 2012

‘What would Steve Buttry attribute?’

I encountered a unique dilemma during my assignment to write the argument about privacy for my Internet ethics class: the possibility of plagiarizing myself.

On July 24, Buttry wrote in his blog about a journalist who recycled points raised in earlier writings:
“Some people have used the term ‘self-plagiarize’ to describe what [Jonah] Lehrer did. I don’t consider that phrase accurate. Plagiarism is theft of words and you can’t steal from yourself. ... Lehrer’s offense was to recycle without acknowledging the practice to readers or to his New Yorker editors.”
And when compiling my arguments I encountered the possibility of raising points addressed in columns that had been published by the Lake County Record-Bee.

I raised the question on Twitter, specifically if would flag my own columns and blogs. “What would Steve Buttry attribute?” His answer is duplicated below:
The earlier blog by Buttry and his tweeted reply made a strong case for citing my own columns when presenting my argument about privacy and that is what I did.

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