Friday, December 7, 2012

Online test for autism: ‘You are very likely an Aspie’

Graphed result: Rdos Aspie Quiz, taken Dec. 7

At, Leigh Forbes has compiled several online tests for determining the likelihood that a person has Asperger’s syndrome.
“One of the first ways an undiagnosed aspie might try to determine his or her likeliness of having Asperger’s syndrome, is by taking one of the online tests.”
This statement was true for me five years ago when I was new to the possibility that I might have Asperger’s syndrome and was eager to learn more.

After a nurse-midwife suggested that I had Asperger’s, an Internet search led me to the Rdos Aspie Quiz or one that was very similar. Results concluded, “You are very likely an Aspie.”

I took the Rdos quiz today and earned results that were consistent with those from five years ago. My Rdos Aspie score was 139 of 200 while my neurotypical (non-autistic) score was 56 of 200. The Rdos quiz taken today also generated a chart.

Other tests curated by Forbes include facial expression, tone of voice and empathy tests as well as checklists for dyslexia and dyspraxia.

In compiling links to these online tests, Forbes has created a valuable directory. I encourage their use among people who are new to the possibility of being on the spectrum.

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