Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toastmasters may have something to offer

I think I'm going to join Toastmasters International. It was something I wanted to do before I learned I have AS and now that I know this about myself, I still think that Toastmasters may have something to offer.

I was on the organization's Web site today looking at articles from its monthly magazine. One of the articles concerned body language pitfalls in the gestures that speakers make or ways in which they misread the body language of their listeners. The main point of the article as far as using body language went, was that "less is more" and that people should just be themselves.

I had considered my inability to effectively read body language was part of my AS but apparently this is a problem that is shared by the public at large. There are several books out there that address how to read people's body language and how to use your own to communicate effectively.

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