Saturday, November 3, 2012

Career driver: Live, thrive and be of service in Ashland, Oregon

Crocheted yarnbombing tag: "Vote for theLibrary"

Beyond seeking work in Ashland, Ore., I seek opportunities for my family and I to live, thrive and be of service to our community.

I lament not having direct involvement in advocating passage of the Ashland library levy on the Nov. 6 ballot. I did what I could, sharing links to commentary and drawing attention to an editorial that supports the library levy.

I asked an emissary to attach a yarnbombing tag at the Ashland library.

Being hired, ideally by a library, a media company or a publisher, will provide me an avenue for hands-on involvement in my adopted community. That is part of what “thriving” means to me.

One area of involvement would be ongoing advocacy for Jackson County Library Services. As a student member of the American Library Association, I follow initiatives nationally. I also follow and promote library happenings in my immediate community.

Another area for possible support would be for literacy services. During the Vineyard Run for Literacy, our three-person team raised more than $100.

Beyond a personal victory for our team (Jonathan came in first in his age group in the men’s 5K run), the money we raised will support adult literacy in Lake County, Calif. I would devote similar energies to literacy in Jackson County, Ore.

Finally, no matter where I live, I will blog my personal crusades: autism acceptance, zero-tolerance for bullying and the welfare of feral cats.

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  1. A keyword search on the phrase “zero tolerance,” performed July 22, 2016, returned 14 usages in reference to bullying among writings on my blog, in which I expressed thoughts and concerns as a survivor of childhood bullying. But “zero tolerance” is imbued with specific meaning in the education community and, as a result, I need to clarify my past usage of this term:


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