Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seeking work in Ashland, Ore.

I feel very blessed that my husband and I are employed during this depressed economy, when so many people are not. I am, moreover, very grateful to the Lake County Record-Bee in Lake County, Calif., for nurturing me as a writer, editor and, most recently, a social media professional.

Lake County Library allowed me the opportunity to work in a volunteer capacity in the library setting and I recently returned to school to pursue education in library and information technology.

For several years, my husband and I have been in love with Ashland, Ore. We went for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and became acquainted with the Ashland Food Co-op. Ashland is a place where I immediately felt at home.

Jonathan and I treasure our co-op membership, which gives us a connection to the community. We are hoping this year to expand that connection to full-time residence.

In order to make it happen, we will need to find employment.

My dream job would let me be physically active at a library, shelving books or pulling holds -- perhaps administering social media, blogging and publishing newsletters -- while making use of a tuition-share program that would allow me to pursue an MLIS.

Where would I find this job? Maybe with Jackson County Library Services, maybe Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University or with Ashland or Medford school district library services.

The location and hours of my job would be compatible with Rogue Valley Transportation District times so that I can commute by bus. Ideally, my employer would offer employee bus passes.

I feel very lucky that an employer was willing to hire me more than 15 years ago. Before landing that job, social skill deficiencies made it difficult to navigate applying and interviewing for a job.

The person who  hired me for my job with the Record-Bee took a chance that paid off: I did my job well and I earned positive reviews for skills that became evident after I was on the job.

Now I face the challenge of having to start over in the application process: submitting a resume and, hopefully, being selected for an interview where I can make a case for the benefits I can offer an Ashland, Ore. employer.


  1. It's really great for both of you to get a job. At this time, it's very difficult to get employment for everyone. Nowadays, there are few jobs and more candidates for jobs. So it's not possible for everyone. You are lucky in this thing.

  2. Yes, my husband and I feel very blessed. We give thanks for our present circumstances even as we pursue our dream of relocating to Ashland, Oregon.


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