Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raising Cubby: the ‘other side’ of autism parenting

Book cover: "Raising Cubby" by John Elder Robison
With its release date set for March 12, Raising Cubby by John Elder Robison (Crown, 2013) seems a natural for my list of recommended books about autism.

Here is an update by Robison on Facebook that was posted this morning:

“The horror of autism! The anguish! Too many books have demonized young people like my son and I, and sensationalized our difficulties, in the name of memoir writing.

“The fact is, there are fun times in every family. How could it be otherwise? If kids weren’t fun, parents would simply eat them when the cupboards got bare.”

Trust Robison to provide a much-needed alternative to “my child is autistic and life is horrible” sensationalism.

Accepting the latter view means accepting that my existence made my mother’s life and my family’s life horrible and that, I refuse to do.

Raising Cubby, according to Robison, is “a celebration of the ‘other side’ of autism parenting, with the added twist of autistic parents.”

Published Sept. 18, 2012 in the Lake County Record-Bee

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