Thursday, September 27, 2012

Measure A working for Mendocino County libraries

"Measure Yay." Yarnbombing tag at Ukiah library
‘Measure Yay.’ Yarnbombing tag at Ukiah library
In a Sept. 24 editorial, the Ukiah Daily Journal states that Measure A is working for Mendocino County libraries.
“The hours have been expanded again so that people have plenty of opportunity to use the library, there appears to be plenty of staff on hand, and they are moving forward with programs as promised, from a new children's librarian to e-books.
“The library is once again a vibrant and happy place where learning and growing is easy and where people can sit quietly, congregate with neighbors, or bring their children for fun and activity.
“County residents supported Measure A library funding proposition by a large majority. We are delighted to see the effects of that support for the community.”
I hope for a similarly successful outcome for the Ashland Library levy, on ballots this November in Ashland, Ore.

According to an explanatory statement for Measure 15-113, the levy authorizes the City of Ashland to levy up to 21 cents per $1,000 assessed value each year to provide enhanced library services.

Renewal of the levy would maintain library hours at 40 hours per week. Without the levy, library hours would be reduced to 24 hours.

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