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Adult volunteers needed for Challenge Day at Clear Lake High School

Students making hand-sign
‘Got your back.’ Challenge Day’s Notice Choose Act Network 
Exciting news for this adult survivor of childhood peer abuse: Clear Lake High School (CLHS) is preparing for its third annual Challenge Day, taking place Sept. 12 and 13.

I have followed developments at CLHS and, really, at all Lake County schools that have hosted Challenge Day: “It’s an experience that’s difficult to explain,” letter writer Anita Gordon stated in October 2006, describing her participation as an adult volunteer during Challenge Day at Lower Lake High School (LLHS). “You had to be there to understand the emotion and impact.”

Toastmasters club member Brien Crothers shared similar observations describing his experience with Challenge Day at Middletown High School.

I was a Challenge Day volunteer in 2010 at LLHS, the year CLHS held its first Challenge Day. I admire the pioneering, persevering efforts to raise money and build community support.

A CLHS student’s guest commentary to the newspaper, saying that bullying had to stop, for me embodied the tenets of Challenge Day: To “Notice” what needs to change in the community, “Choose” what you can do and then personally commit to “Act.”

Challenge Day uses an “iceberg” metaphor, where only 10 percent of what a person is, is visible on the surface. “Challenge Day norms” encourage people to “Drop the waterline and get real.”

One activity, “Crossing the line,” especially helps illustrate some of what lies beneath a person’s surface. A line is taped down the center of the room and participants stand behind the line. The presenter describes various experiences and invites people to cross the line if this applies to them.

During my session as a volunteer, adults and students took part in this and all Challenge Day activities. No one is an observer during Challenge Day.

Community supporter June Wilson recently announced that CLHS needs adult participants for its third Challenge Day. To sign up for Challenge Day at CLHS, call Tina Scott at 707-263-5193. For more information about Challenge Day, visit

A “Circle Of Change” team meets at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at Round Table Pizza in Lakeport.

Published Aug. 28, 2012 in the Lake County Record-Bee.

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