Thursday, July 12, 2012

‘Victim blaming never helps’

With explicit language, the writer of an unambiguously-named blog delivers the forceful message that victim blaming never helps.
“Whenever something tragic happens to someone there is always someone who says ‘This is why I do this…’
“As if tragedy can’t strike them because they are SO smart and superior.”
According to the blogger, you hear this message even more when someone has been violated: “[T]his is why I never go outside in a dress/drink/talk to strangers.”

The post resonates with me because I am a survivor of childhood peer abuse. From experience, I can corroborate: people really do blame the victim.

The blogger concludes:
“I know people do it because it makes them feel safe but when something tragic happens to someone, it sounds like you’re victim blaming (because you are) and that does no one any good at all.”
I credit Angie Tupelo with bringing my attention to this post.

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