Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Journalism Accelerator: social media post worth bookmarking

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The “four-step guerilla guide to social listening” on the Journalism Accelerator blog is an entry worth bookmarking. The author, Jacob Caggiano, presents an overview of social “listening” tools.

From the moment I set up Google Alerts for online mentions of my name, I was engaged in social “listening.” And as detailed in the overview, there are many more tools at a social media manager’s disposal.

Caggiano divides social media monitoring into a four-step process, with tools reviewed at each step of the way: Discover, Analyze, Manage and Integrate.

Among those mentioned, I use Tweetdeck when managing Twitter activity for two Northern California newspapers. It helps me track staff reporters’ tweets and designated hashtag activity, alerts me to mentions and allows me to post updates as one or both of the newspapers.

I look forward to experimenting with some of the other tools that are detailed in the blog. I think the JA overview will be of value to people in a variety of industries who wish to monitor social media more effectively.

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