Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Team bowling: nearly a superhero

The Lake County Record-Bee Killer Bees
From left to right: Jeremy D. Walsh, Cynthia Parkhill,
Kevin N. Hume, Shawn Garrison and Kelly Thorn
Being on a league bowling team is the next best thing to being a member of the Justice League or some other superhero cadre. You'll just have to take my word for it, because I am so not kidding. I rank league bowling with superherodom.
Awesome dragon-enhanced shoes

Maybe it's because we all dressed up in matching shirts. We were the only team that did and I think it made us stand out: black polos with the Record-Bee's name on the front and the emblem, "Killer Bees," on the back.

I personalized my shirt by adding fringe and strung beads.

Team sports wasn't something I enjoyed until bowling with the "Killer Bees." I was always picked last and missed out on that team camaraderie.

But with bowling, any disparities among level of ability is evened out by our handicaps. We only ever compete against our own best scores.

In that sense, I made an improvement: I entered the league with a 67 average and ended with an average of 70. That may not seem like much but to me, the gain shows definite improvement.

I'd wanted to bowl in a league for months before joining the "Killer Bees." I'm grateful to former publisher Gary Dickson for organizing the team and to my teammates, Shawn Garrison, Kevin N. Hume, Kelly Thorn and Jeremy Walsh, for supportive and positive camaraderie.

Special thanks to my mother for letting me use her left-handed, eight-pound ball.

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  1. Looking forward to bowling in my new dragon shoes. I paid for them with gift card that I earned for taking part in a survey of people with Asperger's syndrome.


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