Saturday, May 19, 2012

Curated with social media: Davis Double Century

Cyclist Jim Baker photographed and posted this picture
 at the Middletown High School rest-stop with Twitter for iPhone
The Davis Double Century brings riders on a 200-mile trek through Northern California, including the County of Lake, on the third Saturday in May. Taking my cue from Digital First Media journalists, here is a “beat blog” on the subject of curation using sources gleaned from social media.

I noticed signs posted on a Lake County highway during my bus ride to work on Friday. I wanted to post authoritative information about the Davis Double Century as an advisory to motorists.

From the Davis Bike Club website, I located information about the annual ride. This is the organization that hosts the Davis Double Century.

From its site, I was able to cite a statistic that as many as 1,000 cyclists would be using Lake County roadways: that is the registration limit set by the Davis Bike Club.

Another valuable source was the Rides Chronicles first-person account from a previous ride. Reading this will give people an idea about areas and timeframe in which cyclists can be expected.

This writing takes place shortly after I witnessed cyclists passing through Middletown. From there, I expect them to ascend to Cobb on Highway 175. At Loch Lomond, the cyclists will descend into Lower Lake. Their route will then take them out Highway 53 and Highway 20 toward Cache Creek.

Readers can follow the route and can even view pictures on the Rides Chronicles site.

On the day of the ride, after observing several cyclists during my walks to and from the library, I performed a search on Twitter for posts with “Davis Double Century.” Among top results, I found a photo by cyclist Jim Baker within 43 minutes of its posting via Twitter for iPhone. The photo, which was taken at the Middletown High School rest-stop, is reproduced above.

In his caption, Baker places himself at 97 miles into the Davis Double Century. That gives Lake County residents an idea of where this county fits in within the entire route.

To recap, here are URLs with information about the Davis Double Century:

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