Friday, April 27, 2012

‘Bully’ reaches Lakeport

Hand-fashioned “No Bully” design, prior to stitching onto shirt
It’s casual Friday and I planned to wear anyway, my hand-fashioned “No Bully” shirt. But today turned out to be even more of an occasion to wear my “No Bully” shirt.

The film “Bully” opens today in Lakeport. I hope everyone who is at all influential upon a child’s education will go and watch this film.

I know of at least one class-wide trip to see “The Hunger Games;” how much more vital if Lake County schools arranged field trips to view “Bully” on the big screen.

Looking ahead, once the film has been released on DVD, I hope it is shown in every classroom and to parents during back-to-school events.

I would like this film to become part of orientation for newly-elected school board members. I would like bullying to be a campaign issue for anyone who seeks election.

Put simply, it is that important. Bullying is serious. Bullying is wrong. It can have devastating short- and long-term consequences. Every child (and adult) should be protected from bullying.

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