Saturday, March 31, 2012

‘Who Let the Blogs Out?’

Cover shot of Biz Stone’s book, “Who Let the Blogs Out?”
Spontaneous finds characterize the time I spend volunteering at the Middletown Library. Whenever I shelve non-fiction returns, I never know where I’ll end up.

Today’s discovery: Biz Stone’s “Who Let the Blogs Out?” in 006.7.

I’m fairly new to blogging; I’ve been given the privilege of posting to blogs that were maintained by other people. An original homily, “The Lesson of the Sorting Hat,” is archived at I also blog about the “Book of the Month” at a small church lending library at

But you are now reading an entry in what is the first blog that I have created and maintain for myself.

Because I’m new at blogging, I look forward to reading what is sure to be an informative book. I look forward to gaining its insights and I’ll share my impressions when I’m further along reading it.

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