Friday, August 14, 2009

Toastmasters ‘Competent Leader’

Toastmasters club hosts a debate
Aug. 13, 2009: Toastmasters Club No. 8731,
Tenacious Talkers, hosts a debate.
I completed my “Competent Leadership” manual, applying moderation of last night’s debate to my remaining requirement. The resolution of the debate was that marijuana should be legal but regulated.

Jonathan Donihue and Jim Goetz had to research both positions as their actual debating positions were determined by the flip of a coin.

Everyone present got to serve as judge, awarding 1 to 4 points in a variety of proficiency categories. They also had 100 points to distribute for what I called the “Blarney” award.

Jim won by approximately 200 points. As he and Jonathan agreed last night, there is no real “con” position unless you selectively use quotes out of context. So blarney was all Jim had to work with and it was the “golden snitch” of our debate.

It doesn’t matter how many goals you make; the team whose seeker captures the golden snitch wins the Quidditch match.

Transcribed from a personal journal

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