Saturday, April 25, 2009

Separation between volunteer and professional roles

I changed my email address three months ago, right after the Winter 2009 ArtNotes had already gone to press. Isn’t that always the way of things? I apologize if anyone missed my announcement about the new email address.

Please reserve this email address for private correspondence and for the uses that I expressly invite, such as submissions to the quarterly ArtNotes.

People have begun using it, more and more frequently, to submit press releases to the local media, but the Clear Lake Observer American and the Lake County Record-Bee have their own accounts for that. Please use the addresses that are publicized in the papers to submit your news release.

When it comes to reaching me by phone, this principle also applies. Please do not call at home or on my cell phone to ask about an article that was submitted to the local newspapers. Call the papers’ office during business hours if you have any inquiries.

Additionally, please do not call me at my work with business related to ArtNotes.

Quite simply, I wish to mark a clear deliniation between my professional and volunteer responsibilities. Please respect my privacy and help me keep these roles separate.

From the Spring 2009 ArtNotes,
quarterly members’ newsletter of the Lake County Arts Council

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