Monday, March 23, 2009

MakeBeliefs Comix: What Coach says and means

Two-panel comic strip. In the first panel, the caption reads, "What Coach Says ..." A sad, human-looking frog, shoulders slumped and hands in pockets, asks, "Will you still love Jesus if he doesn't give you any children?" In the second panel, the caption reads, "What Coach Means ..." The frog asks, "Will you still love me?"

People often say one thing but mean something completely different. A person like myself, with Asperger’s syndrome, can have difficulty looking beneath the literal meaning of the words to decipher what is really being said. This comic strip, created with MakeBeliefs Comix, offers subtext for a line of dialogue from the movie, “Facing the Giants.”

The comic strip’s title, “Honest Answers,” is taken from my confusing encounter with a woman who got angry when I honestly answered her question.

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