Saturday, February 28, 2009

MakeBeliefs Comix: Are you messing with me?

Comic strip in two panels. In the first panel, a woman asks, "Do you live around here?" A human-looking cat answers, "No." In the second panel, the woman has a mean expression and asks, "Are you messing with me?" The cat has a sad look on her face and her thoughts are represented with four question marks.

MakeBeliefs Comix is a Web site that allows the user to create his or her own comics using an interactive control board. It provides everything you need: several characters, each with a range of facial expressions, story prompts, speaking and thought balloons. This cartoon illustrates my confusing encounter with a woman who got angry when I honestly answered her question.

Looking back, I concluded that the woman wanted to know if I was familiar with the area; it turned out she was looking for a landmark. She saw me walking in a community where I worked that was not the community where I lived. But, instead of asking if I was familiar with the area or knew where the landmark was, she asked, “Do you live around here?” The answer I gave in reply was to her literal question.

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