Saturday, October 13, 2007

About the ‘Autism Awareness’ avatar

Yahoo! avatar, customized with autism ribbon in Adobe CS2The Yahoo! avatar Web site has all of these "branded" items. I'm not interested in wearing togs that show off their favorite soft drink or cellular phone company, but they also have items where you support causes or issues.

I did a search on "autism" and nothing came up so I picked the closest thing I could find to a plain white T-shirt (it turned out to be a shirt with the pink breast cancer ribbon).

I exported the avatar and then I used Adobe Illustrator to import and size my autism ribbon onto the avatar's shirt. Then in Adobe Photoshop, I did some last-stage clean-up, removing left-over evidence that two images had been overlapped.

Anyway, the original reason I did all this was because the site was having a contest where you create an avatar for a brainy superhero. It had to do with some TV show but since I don't have TV I neither know nor care much about the show. I thought given our reputations, an AS hero would filt the bill.

Then I read the rules and you were actually only permitted to work with the gear that the host had already posted to the site. You weren't allowed to actually do anything creative with the avatar. Oh well, so I get to have a unique avatar that nobody else has. Don't mind a bit. Glad you like it.

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